Creating & applying “Immutable Laws” (Part Two)

This is the second of a Two-Part Post, in preparation for an upcoming discussion “Core Values & Irrefutable Laws: What do they have to do with social media?” The discussion will take place on Wednesday, February 9th, during the weekly meeting of the Wednesday Group of Rocky Mount Business Builders. To learn more about this group and receive an invitation to attend, please email

In part one, I discussed how business success with social media is tied directly to the “core values” your business stands for. More than likely, for those values to mean something, they need to reflect your strongest personal beliefs and convictions.

In The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, author Mike Michalowicz emphasized the need for business owners to establish “immutable laws” that reflect deeply-held beliefs and internal rules they refuse to compromise with. These “laws” should serve as an effective filter for decision-making throughout all business decisions, adopted and utilized by all coworkers.

Crafting “immutable laws” first involves identifying your existing, deeply-held, personal beliefs, those that illicit our strongest emotions when they are challenged or compromised. Michalowicz suggests reflecting on past experiences and decisions, finding common threads that you can tie to feelings of satisfaction or unhappiness.

When identifying personal values, it is critical to discover what principles or ideals you upheld, and compromised, as well as how those decisions influenced your reflections. The perfect “immutable laws” are those that illicit a fury of scorned conscience if we ever break them, eliciting strong “gut” responses.

Once you have identified three to five of these “immutable laws,” it is essential to translate them into statements enabling conscious, persistent thought. Wordings should not be weakened to please anyone. Instead, they should make everyone adherent to them (including yourself) uncomfortable to read and recite, reinforcing the necessary commitment to personal accountability.

More than likely, establishment of “immutable laws” will lead you to discover elements of your business that are not in compliance. Chances are, while your values and “laws” may not be shared by everyone, many of those you seek to build relationships with (including on social media) already see or can figure out these potential hypocrisies. It is your duty, to yourself, to clear them out of the scope of your operations or practices.

As relationships between businesses and customers trend away from specific products and more toward shared values, owners must not only communicate the principles they stand for, but also show that they reflect how they are as people. Social media disables the ability for us to compartmentalize our personal and professional lives, forcing us to be who we really are in an environment of increased transparency and social democracy.

Discovering and embracing your own “immutable laws” provides an avenue to develop a corporate presence that can maximize the opportunities, and limit the pitfalls, of the evolving landscape of social media marketing.

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