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Historic Perspective on the State of Today’s GDP

Annual examination of GDP serves the purpose of the media and politicians, and it provides little to no value for us concerned about low-term economic outlooks. For people involved in the endeavor of supervising responsible government through prudent, conservative budgeting and financial management, evaluating current activity in an historic context is a responsible means of predicting the range of possible scenarios we may encounter and must prepare for. This is especially true for local governments, who must balance budgets in real terms, uphold state regulatory requirements, and maintain trust and credibility with the citizens we serve daily and directly.

The Price of Sustainability, Part 1 – Food

After a quarter-century of embracing and benefiting from supply-side economics, Western society caved into the vanity of extremist and converted to the cult of sustainability.  In just a few short, tumultuous years, our economic and cultural landscapes have shifted from opportunity and plenty to scarcity and doom.  Commodity prices have exploded as the “balance” of [...]

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