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Peak Oil will not be good for The Triangle… Maybe?

Raleigh and Duham residents are among those that spend the most on gasoline.  Data shows that their per household motor fuel spending is significantly higher than other Southeastern US metros, including the king of sprawl: Atlanta. North Carolina’s high gasoline tax probably contributes to this problem, as does the broad growth of suburbs. Will this [...]

Amendment One: Not Necessary

These opinions are my own and do not represent anyone else, or any other group. One common criticism conservatives make of expansive lawmaking is the observation that many ideas, regardless intentions, reflect “solutions in search of problems.” Under current state law, gay marriage is illegal in North Carolina. Amendment One, subject to public referendum during [...]

A Mistake, and a Lesson

On the way home, without thinking, I turned left onto a one-way street (going right-to-left) when the light turned green. There was a mother & child crossing over, and while I turned wide to avoid any danger of hitting, it was a serious mistake on my part. I wasn’t “distracted” by anything. I failed to [...]

Help Wanted?

Despite all the people unemployed and all the kids graduating college, it’s more and more difficult to find anyone qualified to do anything requiring thought, humility, self-motivation to learn and work ethic.

Notes from Wells Fargo 2012 Outlook Call

Highlights from today’s 2012 Outlook Conference Call hosted by Wells Fargo Economics Group: Click here for the presentation slides/graphs Click here for outlook report US Economy Anticipate 2% GDP growth in 2012 Anticipate modest inflation (less than 3%), though CPI is currently near 4% (and under reported) Household assets starting to recover, at same time [...]

Revisited: Leadership in a Time of Advocacy

One of my least favorite books of recent years is “Never Eat Alone” by Keith Ferrazzi. The primary, underlying theme of this book is common to many you will find recommended for business, career, and personal development nowadays, arguing that networking and relationship-building are most important to the potential for future success.

Revisited: Advice on Customer Service for Public Administrators

Formal education in public administration prepares future government professionals for many situations with respect to formulating and executing policy. However, the classroom and laboratory settings do not provide appropriate opportunities to practice and develop understanding in citizen relations.

Revisited Post: Bureaucrats and “people”

Originally posted elsewhere on June 24, 2008 Obviously, the nature of my work prevents me from getting too involved in political discussion.  I have to pick my topics carefully, for they can be interesting and poignant and avoid inappropriate argument. An ideal opportunity arrived when I found the following quote in a post by Denis [...]

Revisited Post: Pinchot’s 11 Maxims

Originally posted elsewhere on August 22, 2008 I’ve been holding on to this one for a little while. I remember discussing it in graduate school, and I found it on a blog a few months ago. Guilford Pinchot, who served as the first head of the U.S. Forest Service, developed this list while on the faculty [...]

For sake of sanity

I am working on merging several personal blogs and publishing sources into a single site. This might mean, on occasion, that I post pieces that are a little less science-based and a little more philosophical or political. As part of this merge, I will repost pieces I’ve written in the past on other blogs onto [...]

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